KASF© is the official Kyiv / Ukrainian affilate of the International Aikido Sengenkan Federation of which the object is the coordination and the administration of an international policy of development of the Aikido Sengenkan. Directly or through its national representations, KASF© provides to the instructor of Aikido as with the beginner all the infrastructure necessary, as well on the administrative level as in the field of the constant improvement of knowledge.
Aikido is generally perceived as a sport. In Ukraine, as in the majority of countries its competence is covered by the Ministry of sport. Admittedly, an aikidoka exerts his body, and this physical exercise is excellent for his health and fitness. Moreover, when the body acts the spirit is not isolated, it is involved. Sporting practice develops such virtues as attention, concentration, observation and analysis, decision-making, sense of effort, courage, respect of adversary... One must be very pleased if the spirit and body grow together this way. In this respect, if Aikido were only a sport it would still be interesting.
Aikido Sengenkan Essence
A relatively young style of aikido. Although at first glance it seems that the Sengenkan is a completely classic aikido. Yoshinkan is guessed in it just as the face of the father is reflected in the image of his son. At the same time, from the first days of training, the Sengenkan amazes with its energy, which is saturated with the unusual fusion of old traditions and the fresh look of modernity. In Sengenkan, his own, special way of teaching has been formed, it is: kihon with clear delineations, smoother movements and necessarily ki-ai. The introduction of old techniques and methods of their implementation quite naturally happened in him.
Aikido Lineage
Aikido differend styles foundation history and place of Aikido Sengenkan
KASF© Members
International Aikido Sengenkan Federation grants a delegation of powers to KASF© to represent Aikido Sengenkan in Kyiv and Kyiv Region in Ukraine. KASF© has a relationship with International Aikido Sengenkan Federation only within the limit of the delegation of powers which has been granted, and remains completely independent in the region of its representation. The members of KASF© are dojos which work in in Kyiv and Kyiv Region on the development of Aikido Sengenkan.
Is Aikido right for ladies?

Aikido, the Way of Harmony, is a unique martial art. Aikido can be practiced by people of all ages and levels of physical fitness, as a recreational activity or as serious study. Benefits include discipline, concentration and increased physical fitness.Aikido is excellent aerobic exercise as well as self defense skills. The atmosphere of an Aikido class is formal but friendly and noncompetitive. Contact us to schedule a visit today!
And what about kids?

When parents are considering Aikido or other martial arts classes for their children, they wonder if the study of martial arts will encourage violence in their children.
he proper study of Aikido, like other martial arts, actually lessens violence and aggression in children. Using Aikido principles, our children's program for ages 4-5 focuses on developing coordination, concentration, and cooperation in a fun, safe, and non-competitive community. The curriculum is specifically designed to prepare students for entry into our youth program.
KASF© training courses are not reserved to the members of the federation only. They are open to all the practitioners of Aikido regularly insured and interested by the teaching which is proposed in these demonstrations.
KASF© Kyu and Dan Ranks
The KASF© system of ranks stands from 9th kyu to 8th dan, is founded on a program of examination worked out starting from the techniques of weapons as well as of the techniques with empty hands. This progressive program is conceived easier towards most difficult: knowledge of the preceding levels must be thorough, at the same time as new knowledge is required. The ranks until the 4th dan included are exclusive responsibility of the national representation. From the 5th dan, the candidates pass their examination before an international commission of experts among whom the national representation plays a paramount role. It is not possible to present an International Aikido Sengenkan Federation degree without being a member of the federation through an affiliate. It is the budo passport of a person who attests to its membership.
KASF© Classes
We assist and support our students to develop and improve their technics at all ages
Irpin Aikido Sengenkan Dojo
Ukraine, Irpin, Severinivskaya st. 129A
Kyiv Aikido Sengenkan Dojo
Ukraine, Irpin, Line 10, 12
Irpin Aikido Sengenkan Dojo
Ukraine, Irpin, Mechnikova 106A
Kebeta Aikido Sengenkan Dojo
Ukraine, Kyiv, 1 Glushkova ave., p. 77
Keep stability of body and mind to cover any vulnerability
Join mental imaging with the physical technics
Harmonize with the movement of the universe
Bring yourself into accord with the universe itself
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